IOSH Avoiding Danger from Underground Services


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The ONLY nationally recognised underground services course with externally verified content and assessment. IOSH Avoiding Danger from Underground Services is recognised by the Worlds leading occupational health and safety organisation and all stages of learning are externally verified by them. Its so much more than just a ‘CAT and Genny’ course. Built around HSG47, we ensure the course is supported by utility plans for the area in which the course is run – this adding relevance to the practical exercises.

Based on real experience and the findings of numerous accident investigations, this IOSH accredited one day course, is IMPERATIVE for anyone who plans work near underground services or whose work may bring them into contact with them.

Reflecting the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive guidance document HSG47 – ‘Avoiding danger from underground services’, the course covers what is in the ground, how to find it and how to reduce the risk from working in the vicinity.

The course includes a practical element, where attendees get to use Cable Avoidance Tools, Signal Generators and essential accessories to trace services in the ground. Because we are not tied to any particular brand, we can show operatives how to use any type they may encounter or train to meet the needs of a particular client.

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