ISO 45001 Systems Development

Whether it’s following up and completing non conformance’s after an audit or you just need a helping hand, then RPA Safety Services can help.

We have specialists who have real world experience when it comes to implementation of the new ISO 45001 standard, who can talk you through the process and prepare your systems. We can come to your premises and talk you though the process of accreditation, review your existing systems, perform gap analysis or be there for support when the assessors call.

Certification or accreditation?

We would strongly advise our clients to consider an accredited ISO 45001 system rather than one ‘certified’ by a third party. Accreditation can only be given by a body certified by UKAS and this means the status of an accredited system is immediately higher than a certified one. You can read our article that was published last year, in response to a rise in certification schemes by clicking here.

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